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Venues in Sicily

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Civil Weddings in Sicily

Catholic Church Weddings

Foreign visitors can be married in Italy according to Catholic rites in a Catholic church.

  • Duomo of Taormina — located in Taormina, Capacity: up to 300 people
  • Church of Varò — located in Taormina, up to 100 people
  • Church of Santa Caterina — located in Taormina, Capacity: up to 150 people

Civil Weddings

Civil ceremonies may be celebrated in town and city halls throughout Italy.

  • Palazzo Duca di Santo Stefano – located in Taormina, Capacity: up to 40 people


Blessings are ceremonies without legal or civil restrictions, and therefore are performed by a Master of Ceremonies, rather than a clergyman or state official. The ceremony suits couples who have already had a civil or church ceremony, but is also perfect for those who wish to renew their wedding vows for an anniversary.

Your blessing can be celebrated in various locations within your Hotel or Venue.

The Civil Ceremony is conducted in Italian by the Mayor or Civil registrar and translated by an English-Speaking interpreter.

Civil Weddings

Catholic Weddings


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