About Amore Weddings Italy:

Amore Weddings Italy was established in early 2004 by Lisa Stack. Lisa and her team at Amore Weddings have dedicated years to researching the perfect wedding locations and venues and have an in-depth knowledge of all the locations and venues promoted by Amore Weddings.

Amore Weddings has a dedicated team in Italy and Ireland on hand to make your Italian wedding a dream come true.

Why do I need a wedding planner?

Our role is to take the stress out of your wedding, so all you have to do is enjoy yourselves. The first job is to assist you with the paperwork, which can be confusing in a foreign country.

Then we put together your individual package, from advising you about the ideal location for the ceremony and reception to organizing flowers, cars, photographers, hairdressers and beauticians.

Wedding Packages – Do we do them?

Yes, we have prepared some special offer wedding packages for those wedding clients who prefer this option.

Is a wedding in Italy legally recognised?

Civil and Roman Catholic weddings conducted in Italy are legally recognized in the European Union and overseas.

Where can I have my wedding ceremony?

In Italy Civil ceremonies must be performed in buildings allocated by the local authorities, however these are more than just Town Halls and authorized locations range from ancient cloisters to open-air terraces and courtyards. Roman Catholic ceremonies have to be performed in a blessed Roman Catholic Church.

How early can I start to plan my wedding?

Normally it takes at least three months to organize civil ceremonies and at least six months for a Roman Catholic service.

Are there fees for the ceremony?

Town hall fees vary widely. Donations are requested for religious ceremonies. There are also Consular fees to consider, which vary according to your nationality.

Does Amore Weddings cater for all types of wedding party?

At Amore Weddings we are happy to cater for wedding parties large and small.

Where can I have my wedding reception?

We have an amazing selection of venues in the coastal region and other areas upon request. We can find the perfect location to suit your needs whether it’s a family run-restaurant, a luxury Hotel, the gardens of a Villa or even an entire Palazzo. We will suggest suitable venues according to your budget.

Can I hire Amore Weddings to organise just part of my wedding?

Of Course! We can organise as little or as much as you like.