Weddings In Agropoli & Paestum

A very important archeological site, Paestum, located in the Sele plain, is also famous as a summer resort. The town was founded by the Dorics in 650 B.C. under the name of Poseidonia; conquered by the Lucanians who called her Paistos and then, in 273 B.C. by the Romans who gave her the name of Paestum.

The town is located on a stretch of miles of golden sandy beaches with bars and cafes and a selection of quality Hotels and other accommodation options. On summer nights the whole archaeological site is lit with a amazing effect.

Venues in Agropoli and Paestum

AP1: Exclusive Restaurant in Ancient Paestum  

AP2: Exclusive Historical Residence

AP3: Five Star Hotel in Paestum


Catholic and Civil Weddings

Catholic ceremony’s can be held in a variety of local churches. Civil weddings can be held in the town hall or other approved venues of importance.

Civil Wedding

Catholic Wedding

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