Amore A&P1: Five Star Hotel in Ancient Paestum  

Venue Location

Paestum, at the start of the Cilento coast is part of an ancient Greek colony 90km south of Naples and is also known as Poseidonia. There are a number of archaeological sites here, but the most spectacular are three large temples – among the best preserved ancient Greek doric temples in the world: the Temple of Poseidon, the Temple of Hera (the Basilica), and the Temple of Athena. Paestum and the surrounding area is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Located in the Zona Laura, a National Green Park of nine square hectares, this Grand Hotel also offers a exclusive Ancient Master’s Residence, an ancient Baronial Hunting Lodge dating to 1870, reconstructed yet retaining it’s original structure and charm, and an important part of the complex. It is furnished with nine individualized suites – no two exactly alike – and conference suites and salons for particularly reserved and important client getaways and conferences and weddings.

Wedding Receptions:

Large and small can be catered for and prices are available upon request.

Live Music is permitted until 12 midnight.