Weddings In San Marco

San Marco di Castellabate is just 5 minutes drive further south from the larger seaside town of Santa Maria. It is a town with a small but picturesque harbor, excellent marine and sports facilities and a fine beach. This small town also boasts golden sandy beaches and crystal clear sea. The town itself is lively and entertaining with shops, bar and cafés

Venues in San Marco

Amore SM1: 4 star Beach Resort Hotel overlooking the Port in San Marco di Castellabate

 SM2: Romantic 4 Star hotel with pool and private gardens in San Marco


Catholic ceremony’s can be held in the Parish church pictured below or in the picturesque village of Castellabate which overlooks the coastal town of San Marco below. Civil weddings can be held in the town hall or other approved venues of importance.

Civil Wedding

Catholic Wedding

Photo Gallery – Amore Weddings in San Marco